Ham Radio

Well the idea is that this section holds texts, projects, etc - but that means I have to get off my overly large bum and type stuff up.. - we'll see how it goes.. :)

Current Projects

  • AntPlot - I'm re-writing an old VB app I wrote for graphing the radiation patterns of cophased dipoles, in Java, and making it somewhat more funky.. - instead of only being able to place the antennas in a straight line, with varying separation, you'll be able to put them anywhere you darn well please in a 2D plane.. :) (No, I'm not interested in doing it in a 3D plane.. - I don't see 3D that well, so i'm not going to even contemplate figuring out the maths for it.. )
  • APRSTrack - Decided there's not any good APRS logging+reporting software out there, so I'm in the process of writing a Java/PHP hybrid to run as a daemon (This is the Java part), make a TCP connection to an aprsd server (or anything that spits out APRS data on a TCP connection) and shove the packets into a MySQL server. Then there'll be PHP scripts to do a whole heap of reporting (i.e. view packets from last hour, see messages to/from that station, show a list of stations physically close, etc.. I suppose it's going to end up somewhat like findu.com, except it'll be VK/ZL only..

  • Yes, I'm using java.. I'm not entirely keen on java, but being a SysAdmin for one of Australia's leading Java/J2EE developers, it's kinda rubbed off that it's a darn good way of writing software that can run on any of the OS's on my desktop at work and home.. :) Oh, plus there's the added benefit that when I get stuck on something, I've got a whole heap of super-krad-elite Java developers to call on.. ;)

    Oh, btw, there's an iGate running on pinegap.net:10151 if you're looking for a VK1-local iGate with bucketloads of bandwidth to spare :)

    Useful Links

  • AX.25 Protocol Spec