infosurge-1.txt 43711 bytes Defeating ANI
Phone Bugging
Getting Pay Phone Numbers
Social Engineering
1800 120 Scan
Payphone List
infosurge-2.txt 80397 bytes  Getting Pay Phone Numbers [cont]
Introducing Php3
Firewalling your Linux Box
Address Resolution Protocol
Introduction to SS7
Basic Linux Security
Basic Perl
infosurge-20.txt 109504 bytes  Dealing with DoS'ing on an iptables enabled system
PHP include() Security
OpenBSD Loadable Kernel Modules
Vectors Of Attack
Raw Sockets in Windows 2000/XP
Tripwire 2.4 & Filesystem Integrity IDS Concepts
Safe string handling in C
infosurge-3.txt 71325 bytes  Simple Nokia Trick
Multimedia Phones
Advanced SS7 - OSI Layers
NetBios Penetration
Advanced SS7 - Signaling Units
Basic Cracking Tutorial
Schools and NT
infosurge-4.txt 115004 bytes  GSM Overview
Cryptology and the Magic Bullet
X.25 Guide File
Access in PHP
Basic HTTP Authentication
infosurge-5.txt 3092 bytes  Must read [too much to list here]
infosurge-6.txt 81173 bytes  Basic Steganography
Nokia Simclocks
IGMP Flaw in Windows
Straw Trick v2
CGI Security
ICM v2 Docs
A look into wiretapping
Ericsson GH337
infosurge-7.txt 87041 bytes  Webservers And You
Australian Bandwidth
One Time Passwords
Cellular Networks
Fibre Optics and SONET
Bash Scripting
Syslog Exploit
More Ericsson Fun
infosurge-8.txt 102026 bytes  Using digital audio fingerprints in encryption
Hardening a Linux system with Capabilities
Secure Web Applications On Windows NT with ASP
An automated process killer for Linux (in C)
Phone extension warning device
UNIX Security Basics
Example configuration of an OpenBSD firewall
History of 3d acceleration
infosurge-9.txt 115287 bytes  Overview of OpenBSD Security
Phreaks, Geeks and Inbetweens
History of Intels x86 CPU
Iptables for Linux 2.4
Advanced JavaScript Methods
IIS Security
An Overview of Recent and Future Hardware
Tunnelling SSH via HTTP
HP-UX and the HP-9000/800 Series Unix Server